The 5 Best Magnetic Screen Doors for Your Home

The 5 Best Magnetic Screen Doors for Your Home

Are you tired of constantly using insect repellent sprays and vaporizers to deal with unwanted pests that invade your space during warm weather?

It’s about time you consider investing in a high-quality magnetic screen door for your room. Not only will it provide excellent protection by keeping all types of pests out, but it will also ensure that your room remains well-ventilated and comfortable. Additionally, a screen door is likely to cost you much less than the combined expenses of buying repellent sprays and vaporizers!

We understand that the wide range of options available in the market can make it challenging to choose the right model. However, don’t worry! We’re here to assist you with this comprehensive guide featuring the top 5 screen door options. We have also included a buyer’s guide to help you make a well-informed decision.

So, without any further delay, let’s dive right in!

Flux Phenom Magnetic Screen Door

The Flux Phenom magnetic screen door offers a durable and upgraded solution for those seeking a reliable screen door. It combines the strength of fiberglass with the visibility and airflow of polyester, thanks to its tightly woven, upgraded polyester mesh. The edges of the screen door are fully reinforced with thumbtacks, providing additional security and ensuring that it can withstand the energetic activity of pets and children.

This magnetic screen door is designed to be convenient and hands-free. It is suitable for door sizes up to 38 by 82 inches, accommodating doorframes with a width of 38 inches or less and a height of 82 inches or less. The mesh can be easily pushed open by most cats, dogs, and kids, and the 26 heavy magnets lining the seam will automatically close the mesh behind them.

Installation of the screen door is made simple with the included video tutorial and instructions. The process is intuitive and straightforward. For aluminum doorframes, we utilized the provided hook-and-loop tape, while thumbtacks were included for wood frame installation. The Velcro system enables easy removal of the screen if necessary. The magnetic polyester screen material feels sturdy, and the magnets align seamlessly when entering and exiting. We discovered that the door opens effortlessly without requiring the use of hands, and our dogs had no difficulty going in and out.

Mkicesky Magnetic Screen Door Closure Fit Door Size

There is no argument that fiberglass meshing is more expensive than polyester. However, when considering the quality of netting provided by Mkicesky, you will realize that it is worth the extra cost. The edges are meticulously sealed, ensuring that no dust or insects can enter your room under any circumstances. The magnets are securely held in place by the magic tape and do not easily shift.

Furthermore, we were impressed by the seamless functionality of the magnets. They are discreetly hidden and sewn securely into the reinforced edges of the mesh. The screen closes and opens automatically without producing any noise, allowing your children to move in and out effortlessly.

Moreover, you will appreciate the efficiency of the mesh. The grid is dense, providing a comfortable insect-free environment whether you apply it to your kitchen door or balcony. And when it is not in use, you can simply roll it up.

Ikstar Ikstar Magnetic Screen Doors

If you own French doors, magnetic screen doors are the ideal choice for you. These screens are not only visually appealing but also highly functional. Designed to fit various sizes, including 72 x 80 inches, they are constructed using high-density polyester mesh and feature a complete hook-and-loop design that encompasses the entire frame.

What sets these magnetic screen doors apart is their integration of strong magnetic cubes sewn into the center seam, along with additional side strips. This ensures effortless and noiseless opening and closing of the door. Moreover, the package includes extra adhesive tape and push pins for convenient installation.

In terms of affordability, the magnetic screen door offers a competitive price point, making it an excellent option to consider.

MAGZO Magnetic Screen Door Heavy Duty Fiberglass

This magnetic screen door has earned its place on the list of top-rated options due to its exceptional fireproof and corrosion-resistant properties.

The MAGZO Magnetic Screen Door Heavy Duty Fiberglass (single door) mesh surpasses the durability of polyester mesh products. With dimensions of 38X99 inches, it can be effortlessly opened with a gentle push.

The screen edges are equipped with robust magnets that securely draw both sides of the door together, ensuring a snug fit.

To prevent the screen door from being blown open by strong winds, it features a windproof sticker clasp design in the middle and bottom sections. Additionally, extra thumbtacks are provided to secure the adhesive strips during installation.

Compared to polyester mesh screens, this product is heavier, which helps it stay firmly in place even during breezy conditions. Furthermore, the middle and bottom parts of the screen door curtain incorporate a latch design, effectively keeping it secured when faced with windy conditions.

Passing through the door is effortless, and it allows pets to freely enter and exit without dislodging it from the walls.

Homitt Magnetic Screen Door

Introducing the enhanced features of the Homitt heavy-duty mesh screen! Designed with a dense grid, this screen effectively blocks tiny insects from entering your home while still allowing sunlight and fresh air to flow in. Say goodbye to bothersome bugs and enjoy a pleasant atmosphere indoors.

Equipped with a convenient hook fastener, the magnetic screen door can be easily folded and held at the sides, providing ample space for frequent passage in and out of the door. Thanks to the inclusion of twenty-six powerful magnets, the door screen effortlessly closes without any harsh slamming, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.

The set includes six magnetic seals and seven strong magnets with a full-frame hook and loop system, ensuring the door screen remains securely in place and enhancing its overall stability. Additionally, extra push pins are provided, further reinforcing the curtains and making them even sturdier.

Unlike older models that relied on tacks to secure the screen door, the Homitt magnetic screen door features magnets that are sewn to a hook and loop on the door frame. This upgrade ensures a more reliable and convenient installation process.

The Homitt magnetic screen door is designed to fit various door sizes, including 36 x 80, 38 x 80, 36 x 82, and 38 x 82 inches, providing a versatile solution for different entryways.


Magnetic screen doors have completely transformed the method of keeping our homes free from bugs while still allowing fresh air to circulate. The aforementioned top five products present a variety of features catering to diverse preferences and needs. By acquiring one of these inventive products, you can experience the ease and effectiveness of a magnetic screen door, elevating the overall comfort and enjoyment of your home to new heights.

Considerations when buying the best magnetic screen doors

When it comes to purchasing a magnetic screen door, it’s crucial to consider the various features it offers. A magnetic screen door is an excellent solution for keeping pests, bugs, and other unwanted creatures out of your home while still allowing proper ventilation. These doors come in different materials and designs to cater to your specific needs. Here are some key points to consider when shopping for a magnetic screen door:


Magnetic screen doors are typically constructed using materials such as aluminum, steel, fiberglass, and PVC. They are equipped with internal magnets that facilitate easy opening and closing, effectively preventing insects from entering your home. This makes them an ideal choice for those seeking a more natural way of keeping their homes insect-free.


Before purchasing a magnetic screen door, it is essential to ensure that it will fit your door frame. Measure the height and width of the doorway where you plan to install the screen. Additionally, consider the clearance required around the edges of the door to allow proper opening and closing.


Most magnetic screen doors come with installation instructions. If you are unfamiliar with the process, it is advisable to hire a professional for the job. This will ensure correct and secure installation.

Additional Features

Depending on the model, your magnetic screen door may offer extra features such as reinforced mesh or a higher thread count for increased durability. Some models may include tension rods or snap fasteners to help keep the door securely in place.

Material Durability

When selecting a magnetic screen door, opt for a material that can withstand regular wear and tear. Popular options include aluminum, steel, fiberglass, and PVC, as they are all known for their durability.


Regularly inspect your magnetic screen door for any signs of damage and promptly replace any worn-out parts. Additionally, remove any debris that accumulates on the door’s surface, as this can hinder its proper opening and closing.

By considering these factors before making a decision, you can find the perfect magnetic screen door for your home. Magnetic screen doors provide an effective solution for keeping insects out while allowing fresh air to circulate within your living space.


Q: What is a magnetic screen door? 

A: A magnetic screen door is a type of door screen designed to keep insects out while allowing fresh air to flow into a room. It consists of two overlapping mesh panels with built-in magnets that create a seal when the door is closed.

Q: How does a magnetic screen door work?

A: The magnetic screen door uses the power of magnets to automatically close and seal itself after you pass through it. The magnets in the panels attract each other, allowing easy entry and exit while preventing bugs from entering.

Q: Are magnetic screen doors easy to install? 

A: Yes, magnetic screen doors are generally easy to install. Most come with adhesive strips or hook-and-loop fasteners that allow you to attach them to your door frame without the need for tools or permanent fixtures.

Q: Can magnetic screen doors be used on any type of door? 

A: Magnetic screen doors are designed to fit standard single and sliding doors, as well as French doors and patio doors. However, it’s essential to measure your door’s dimensions to ensure you choose the right size.

Q: Do magnetic screen doors provide sufficient ventilation?

A: Yes, magnetic screen doors are designed with mesh panels that allow fresh air to flow into your home while keeping insects out. They provide a good level of ventilation and help maintain a comfortable indoor environment.

Q: Can pets pass through magnetic screen doors? 

A: Yes, most magnetic screen doors are pet-friendly. They are typically constructed with a bottom weighted mesh panel or include a separate pet door that allows your pets to come and go freely while keeping bugs out.

Q: Can magnetic screen doors be used in apartments or rentals? 

A: Yes, magnetic screen doors are a great option for apartments or rentals since they can be easily installed and removed without causing any damage to the door frame. Be sure to check with your landlord or review the lease agreement before making any modifications.

Q: Are magnetic screen doors durable and long-lasting? 

A: Magnetic screen doors are generally made from sturdy materials such as durable mesh fabric and reinforced edges. However, the longevity of the screen door may vary depending on the quality of the product and the amount of use it receives.

Q: Can I see through a magnetic screen door? 

A: Yes, magnetic screen doors are designed with a mesh material that allows you to see through it, maintaining visibility between indoor and outdoor spaces while keeping insects out.

Q: How do I clean a magnetic screen door? 

A: Cleaning a magnetic screen door is typically straightforward. Most can be cleaned by gently vacuuming the mesh or using a soft brush to remove dust and debris. If needed, some models can also be hand-washed or machine-washed following the manufacturer’s instructions.

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